Laboratories :
        The college laboratories are spacious, well designed, well ventilated, equipped with latest equipment, technology as well having sophisticated and modern instruments. Separate lab is provided for each practical subject namely two for Pharmaceutical chemistry, one for Microbiology and Biotechnology, one for A.P.P. and Pharmacology, two for Pharmaceutics, two for Pharmaceutical analysis including modern and sophisticated instruments and one for Pharmacognosy.
        All laboratories are provided with separate sub-stores, along with modern and sophisticated instruments like Flame Photometer, U.V. Spectrometer (Double & Single beam), Karl-fisher titrator, Digital colony counter, Disso-apparatus, Brookfield viscometer, Colorimeter, Laminar air flow, Ultra-Sonicator, Respiratory Pump, BOD Incudator, Slab Gel Electro Pharesis Gelp, Bulk Density App etc.
Departments :